Recovered Office Paper - New Participants Guidelines

Mistakes can be costly and potentially irreversible if the incorrect decisions are made at the planning stage. The Paper To Paper New Participants Guidelines document provides a useful check list of issues to consider. For a hardcopy of the guide please contact

Industry Overview
Understanding Paper Industry Cycles
Australian Consumption and Future Demand
Domestic Paper Mills Contractual Record with Suppliers
Waste Paper Prices and Future Outlook
Export Demand and Quality Standards
Australian Mills Waste Paper Descriptions

Plant and Equipment budget guide
Power Requirement
Civil Work
Weighbridge Option
Baling Press Selection
Security Destruction
Fork Lifts
Container Loading
Roller Door Height
Occupational Health and Safety

Collection Methods
Contract Owner-Drivers -vs- Company Vehicles
Compactors –vs- Bin Exchange
Office Paper Collection Cost Module
Co-Mingled Collection
Low Entry Vehicles
MGBs –vs- Boxes or Bags
Collection Scheduling Software