Recovery Network

Service Fees
There are no set charges as every business size and location will vary. Factors include transport costs, the number of receptacles necessary and if the total building participates in a full recycling and document destruction service.

Call-Out Basis
Small companies prefer to call when they forecast their bin to be full, however for unscheduled clean-outs this is normally negotiated between the organisation and service provider subject to conditions

Various receptacles are available to suit your decor and work environment and may be provided for the duration of the contract for a small rental fee and are also available for purchase from a Paper To Paper Alliance Partner or office products supplier.

Extra Costs
"Wheelie Bins" or Security Cabinets are often provided at a minimal charge to cover cleaning and maintenance.

Bin Transfers
Most cleaning contractors transfer Mobile Garbage Bins down to basements to comply with building security regulations for scheduled collections. Should this not be possible most collectors are reasonably flexible and will negotiate additional services.

Destruction Services
Paper To Paper Alliance Partners shred all documents in secure facilities prior to recycling. Paper mills do not guarantee to process your paper on arrival and may even choose to ship interstate or to an overseas paper mill.

Shredding size will vary depending upon shredder brand and shredding width settings but should be conducted with NAID guidelines.  Normal sizes range between 12mm - 40mm with most reducing down to 8mm if necessary.

Complete the online enquiry form and we will provide an obligation free quotation for products and services based on your needs.