Why Recycle? It Makes a Difference!

Recycling has a big impact on businesses, the environment, and you. 

Consider these facts: 

► Recycling is socially responsible 

► Implementing effective environmental practices, such as recycling, can have economic rewards. Employees notice. 

► Recyclables can have a direct and indirect monetary value. 

► Recyclables are the raw materials for new products. Recovered paper supplies more than 37 percent of the raw material world wide for new paper products, such as cereal boxes, tissue, and more printing and writing papers. 

► Every tonne of paper recycled saves 13 trees, 2.5 Barrels of Oil, 4100Kwh of Electricity, 4m3 of landfill and 31,370 litres of water. 

► Of all discarded products in an average office, about 55 percent is recyclable paper, 10 percent is corrugated packaging, and 35 percent are other materials. 

► A typical office generates approximately one kilogram of waste material per employee per day, much of it recyclable, high-grade paper.