Paper To Paper (formerly Tredex Pty Ltd)
Paper To Paper International Pty Ltd was established in 1980 by Graeme Holland, NZ in 1982 and USA in 1988 as Paper Trade USA.

There have been many domestic and international milestones including:

► Industry Training courses since 1985
► Consulting to paper mills, publishers and government from 1991
► Receptacle manufacturing from 2003
► Product Stewardship with Concept Copy paper from 1998

The future at Paper To Paper is a commitment to serve the needs of the paper industry as it prepares to undergo tremendous change. Worldwide attention to ecological issues is forcing paper manufacturers, publishers and all of the supply chain to re-think manufacturing technology and to demonstrate Product Stewardship.

Recycling today is not just about buying and selling materials which of course has been our core business. Those are the means for keeping the business functional. Recycling is part of our environmental service goals not only to conserve natural resources but to continue to lead in the corporate change process from good enough to best practices and carbon neutral.

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